Bird to Boing Boing: We’re sorry about sending you a legal-demand letter

A row of parked electric scooters.

Enlarge / Bird Rides Inc. shared electric scooters sit parked in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018. (credit: Anthony Lanzilote/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Bird, an electric-scooter company, has now apologized to Boing Boing writer Cory Doctorow for making a recent legal demand over linking to personal “conversion kits” that enable the removal of Bird’s proprietary hardware from a seized scooter.

Bird spokeswoman Debbie Bass declined to answer Ars’ questions but sent a statement on Monday instead.

“Bird celebrates freedom in many ways—freedom from traffic [and] congestion as well as freedom of speech,” the company said. “In the quest for curbing illegal activities related to our vehicles, our legal team overstretched and sent a takedown request related to the issue to a member of the media. This was our mistake and we apologize to Cory Doctorow.”

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